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Audi A8L

The newly designed Audi A8L screams luxury and class. With Audis advanced sound deafening technology, and full suite of driver alert systems, there is no quieter and safer car on the road. The rear seat console allows you to control the climate, the radio and the seat temperature at the push of a button. Need more privacy? One touch and side and rear window shades will ensure you have it.

Passenger Capacity: 3
Luggage Capacity: 3


Mercedes S550

Nothing beats the luxury and sporty comfort of the Mercedes S550. This three passenger Mercedes features a leather interior, power rear seats, climate control, and spoke wheels. The electronic stability program ensures a smooth ride and laminated, infrared-reflective glass reduces noise and heat. The S550 is a full size luxury vehicle that combines fine craftsmanship, comfort, power and safety.  This represents the finest our fleet has to offer.

Passenger Capacity: 3
Luggage Capacity: 3


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